Kick Yourself Out

Kick Yourself Out!Doctor


December 11, 2010
Knowing who you are, and are not, is to find the essence of life. All tomorrows and yesterdays are in a sense ‘rubbish’ if they don’t serve to make your life here-in-the-now free of attached strings. Drop them. Be in a NASCAR drivers 250 mile an hour awareness mode, or empty, and let the mind the be free as an eagle in flight. As you approach whatever comes, be fully present.

Hidden mental garbage that serves nothing is an obstruction to communication, and a sense of responsibility and gratefulness to the miracle of being alive. Humanity is deluded into thinking that who they have been conditioned to think they are with all the unnecessary fears, unresolved childhood traumas and misinterpretations, is who they ‘really are’. Being serious about being burdened with who you are not, is a malady blocking seeing the inside of ‘who you really are’.

Be it a wife, husband, athlete, singer, member of a religion, guru, popular personality, attractive, or one who has done good deeds or bad is not the real you. Being attached to defining yourself as words of identification is no more than a ‘utilitarian’ way of making it easier to identify yourself in an outward sense. Leaving the real inner you that’s free of all identifications, in the darkness, is to kill the ‘christ or buddha’ that resides within each individual being.

Be detached from whatever it is as an object of a desire. Love is real when there is no object which needs to be attached to in order to experience the sensation. Common love of self is a trap door with one on a bungee cord to catapult one from falling to coming back to ‘start’. Repeating, repeating all ‘beliefs’ without knowing who you really are apart from who you’ve been conditioned to accept is to create you into a ‘museum piece’ that just gathers dust and decay.

Expunge or let go of the ‘knucklehead’ within, and be out of control with the control of being who others, and you, have conditioned yourself to be. Shake loose the inner demons that restrain the open heart and mind. Ask yourself, am I the freest, most open, compassionate example of a human being that I could be? It’s not what or who you know, but being free of all mental, heart entanglements to be your real self. The ‘real self’ is only an illusion until the darkness of the outer self and erroneous inner self is detached from the hidden light of the real inner you that awaits discovery. Keeping the ‘real you’ a secret from yourself as well as others, is not a very conscious, loving secret!

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