Meditate for $Money$

Meditate for $Money$

December 8, 2010
A major key to accumulating all the money you need lies in the knack of meditating. I meditated frequently when working on Wall St. – what came through was worth all the gold in Fort Knox. Good friend of mine spent his short 63 years skillfully playing the Wall St. casino game while investing in property, and saving as many nickels as possible. He even saved money by not getting health insurance, but luckily he had a few millions stashed away to pay the hospital bills to live a year longer. He laughed at meditation.

To supplement my ‘couple breathing meditation’ that started at 18, I began to do a ‘yogic blowout meditation’ that competed with the now deceased opera star, Beverly Sills shrill voice, who lived next door in our NY high rise. Over time, I’ve heard infinite excuses why people don’t meditate. Some of them are:
•I’m too busy, and I don’t have the time to meditate (of course, that’s actually a good reason to meditate)
•I don’t like sitting that long, it’s too uncomfortable (one doesn’t have to sit to meditate).
•My mind won’t stop thinking. (another reason to meditate, and let it chatter on. Meditating is the art of just being a witness to chattering, or what ever noise comes up).
•Am no good at meditation, and never get it right (there is no right and wrong with meditation, just relax, close your eyes and watch your thoughts, and breath, or whatever the meditation is, be aware).
•It’s just new age goofy stuff (meditating has been a technique for thousands of years and is the primary method of letting go of resistances and detaching from all obstacles to a more blissful being. When difficulty happens from the mind drifting, just keep coming back to the now.

Meditation can take many forms, and always it’s about relaxing while positioning the mind into a more peaceful state. It’s many methods are to help you see who you really are without what all the outside forces have compiled to convince you that you are them. Meditation is a blessing for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It’s a tuning into high consciousness.

Couples can experience the godliness within each other, and as a couple, by moving as deep as possible in their closeness. That becomes living in a meditative state of a sense of bliss and excitement for life. Money takes on a non attachment quality where needs for it are mainly for maintaining a simple life style, and giving what one is rich in to others. To be rich is to be in a constant state of love beginning with the inner self. Meditation is fun, be sure not to miss it!

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