Five Knuckle Shuffle

Five Knuckle Shuffle

December 6, 2010
WTF? The pope does it. Buddha and Jesus, if they had really lived, would have figured out how to tame the monster! Is it a substitute for deep love partnering? Is it a means of avoiding intimacy? Is it a form of meditation? Are we all caught in our self made web of deception and guilt? Life is about excitement, and not at the expense of others, but preferably in harmonious conjunction with others.

Marriage is usually not a placebo for harmony and love. Loneliness doesn’t come from ‘no one to love you’, but from ones inability to discover the love that rests within each of us waiting for attention. The ‘marital shuffle’ takes two like the ‘tango’ to dance in harmony. Studies show that 40% of unmarrieds in America are not convinced marriage is in their future. Should marriage be like a Picasso abstract painting, or even a Hallmark card?

Marriage still has the occupancy of the cultural catbird seat. “Getting married is a way to show family and friends that you have a successful personal life,” and “It’s like the ultimate merit badge.” But, does marriage rise to it’s full potential of spiritual evolvement instead of just a money scam that is geared to cast a net of illusion over the female’s vulnerability? Rarely. Perhaps it’s a placebo for lost souls seeking fulfillment in illusion and the dream of a happy family with all the technological amenities of these times? Are people looking in the wrong place for fulfillment of the heart?

Two hearts don’t beat as one if one beats up the other. The first truth in life is that you are responsible for making it, nobody else is. The spice of life is within each one to experience the bliss and enjoyment that is always available. To create a life of misery is an easy path that at the same time, is the most difficult. The ego seems to make things more difficult and challenging than is a communion with the spirit of the positive.

Fight with life, and everything becomes a misery. Self condemnation rather than self inner love is the path of the complainer, and ‘woe is me’ persona.  The truth has to be sunk deep into the heart. False truth is misery, while real truth is in seeing with the heart and awareness for life’s highest choices. Be unattached to the outer self, for is it the real self hidden within love’s heart? The imagination may be a placebo to rise one to a reality of bliss. Start with gratefulness of what you have.

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