Rich Men Smoke

Rich Men Smoke

December 5, 2010
Given the choice, be neither rich nor poor. Being rich can be a blessing as can being poor. Poor in inner spirit and consciousness is a common malady of both the rich and poor. It’s not just about money or the lack thereof, it’s about the attachment one has to any perceived asset. I know beautiful girls who milked their beauty, and it’s attention that ensued for years while thinking that beauty described them. When middle age slipped in, some fearful refused to look in the mirror, and lived expecting their same ‘bad habits’ to be overlooked inspite of little outer beauty to admire.

Whether it be high school’s sweetheart or it’s star athlete, a simple change of a move to a far away city, and that loses all meaning. I opened a Wall St. office in the mid ’80’s in Dallas, Texas. For the grand opening, we were scheduled to have Wall St’s ‘darling promoter-for hire’ cut the ribbon. He was a ‘no show’. Rich, star athlete, handsome, charming, beautiful wife and girl friends on the side. He was attached to the ‘illusion’. Today, he sits in a small cell in a penitentiary for life. His name of fame is OJ Simpson, who murdered his wife, and his wife’s friend but was acquitted only to continue his charade until he was caught in a ‘sports card caper’ that ended up being karma for life.

To be famous, rich, beautiful, etc., is likely to make it challenging to ignore the surface, and seeking the inner diamonds of a more enlightened being. Rich or poor, most have the same dilemmas that impede inner growth only they express themselves differently. Unconsciousness is denied by the ego, in lieu of having the courage, or taking the time to find it within.

The ‘home’ is within, or the ‘kingdom of godliness is within’. Having been on the ‘cusp’ of having reasonable material wealth, living on the 40th high rise floor in New York over looking famous Central Park, and the magnificent skyline of Manhattan, I stood out on the balcony one day, and realized that nothing was that much different than when in college having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. Nice but shallow, and I was getting smarter at making money at the expense of the inner that was enjoyed in years past. Rich or poor on the outside is illusory. It’s all ‘smoke and mirrors’ without the essence of knowing who you really are, and enjoying the miracles of existence in the moment. Existence has been waiting a loooooong time for you to find the Christ or Buddha within. The time is now! Do it!

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