Marrriage as Meditation

Marriage as Meditation


December 4, 2010
Marriage can be the greatest ‘self realization’ path one can take! Why turn it into something less? Marriage is not only about love, but finding the freedoms within to free oneself from the need to fill the emptiness inside that singles and marrieds live with everyday. Marriage is an opportunity to use the connection of two people to enhance the harmonious energy within each. Marriage is not about ‘forever through eternity as the purveyors of pipe dreams would have you believe, but….

Love, gone as deep as possible, opens a dimension within that is forever! Deep love creates a change in the ‘basic being’ that continues on forever. It has nothing to do with who, when, where, or how long, and in what circumstance it takes place with another. Marriage on a practical level need not be one of meditation and harmony, but a method to handle mundane and family needs. Common marriage serves a function, particularly with raising children and general ‘welfare’ support. That definition of primary care need not include love, harmony, freedom, or the evolution of the spirit.

To use partnering, (married or otherwise) as an opportunity to raise consciousness of each and together, is a divine use of ‘togetherness’. That state erases all the preconceptions of marriage as it’s commonly known. Marriage or partnering should not become a task that virtually ignores and forgets the original purpose, or one that should have been recognized, but wasn’t. In cultures with the free movement of individuals, which includes females, the possibilities are endless for love’s expression and growth. Two become one, and yet the individual is even more pronounced. Transparent communication for the love and freedom of both is the fuel for togetherness, and the individual.

Marriage is a method of meditation that explores the many opportunities and challenges on the ‘love path’. One is the left arm, the other is the right arm, and they live in harmony. One is in synch with the other at all times. Deep love is a meditation that frees one from the world of ‘polarity’ of ‘ups and downs’ into a more blessed, divine state. Love that’s not a state of meditation is an ‘on again-off again’ state of low level love to nightmares, and rotating. Marriage is a meditation dance that takes two to become one, and with an incredible opportunity to be a deeper individual.

Driving on our roads and highways is a privilege that takes meeting the requirements to be in synch with the rules of responsibility. Marriage needs two people who pass the requirements of evolving self love to enjoy one of life’s greatest paths to self realization, and harmony that also contributes to a more positive energy to others in life. Marriage is a privilege and blessing when it becomes a meditation.

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