Religious Snake Oil Salesmen

Religious Snake Oil Salesmen


December 2, 2010
There are over 1/2 million churches, mosques, and temples in the United States existing for the express purpose of attempting to bridge the gap of ancient religions information, and the current state of increasing intelligence. All necessary information to lead a godly, healthy, and spiritual life has, since the middle of the 20th century,  actually out dated every word of the ‘museum of religions holy books’. Why then are these bastions of ancient behavioral rhetoric still existing, with many mythical characters, confusing people, and not paying taxes???

The key answer to that question lies in the cunning programming of the populace into fearing to discovering even better answers from a multitude of sources including the internet. The general populace, would sadly rather let an authority figure, who has been trained to bridge the gap of 100’s of generations from a ‘post caveman age’ to the current milieu of the 21st century, in selling to them ancient, unexamined, biased holy dogma.

Religion is big business – a ‘personal, property, housing, tax free business’ that is milking ignorance and fears of millions who are too busy to question its historical accuracy beyond what amounts to faith of what ‘god’s salesmen’ have to say. Incredibly, beliefs are taken as truth, from holy books written, and since revised, from centuries ago. During that time, 99% of the people could not read, and came to believe those who saw a way to manipulate and dominate the masses with the blessings of the rulers or politicians who welcomed the control to augment their manipulation of the masses of fearful. Until recent years, life expectancy was near half of what it is now. Life was over before it really began, creating even more fear, and a perplexity that was even greater than today of ‘what’s it all about’? Those with a little more ‘fake wisdom’, often having graduated from religious factories called bible colleges, appeared to have the answers.

Objective scientists of religion’s history have in recent years, come up with findings that provide answers at odds with the ‘faith preachers’, but the media continues to shut out the findings for fear of losing income from advertising sponsorship. Sadly, but complicit, the majority are still clinging to false hopes of religions teachings, and would not as yet support ‘new information’ that counters what they have become ‘hard wired’ with. ‘Fear of money loss’ controls and dominates the false fears of people clinging to religions.

Better solutions to making it a more evolved world are in place, and hidden in plain sight, or cloaked by the competition of ancient religions. If all information concerning human development written before the middle of the 20th century was put in a ‘museum’, or not taught in lieu of new information that has arisen, individuals and the collective consciousness would begin to soar. Consciousness provides all answers that are needed for a far more loving humanity. Let the times for spinning beliefs be replaced by the truth. Let ‘beliefs’ be replaced by searches for truths, and the real meaning of the word, God.

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