Old & Stupid – Young & Wise

Old & Stupid – Young & Wise


November 28, 2010
Aging has the potential of growing in wisdom that youth can only dream of, but most old are as stupid as when in their youth, even more! Maturity and aging are unrelated! Someone very young can be forgiven for not seeing what’s seen as ‘mature’, but it’s sad when that same ‘once youth’ doesn’t mature except for the body. Innocence coupled with awareness is the blossoming of maturity.

A mature person has the quality of enjoying themselves alone. When a mature person gives love, they expect nothing in return, but are grateful when it is returned. When two mature people come together they almost become one, both letting go of their individuality, and yet finding it stronger than ever before. Mature people help each other to become more free, and not subservient as in most cultures where males believe they are a higher class than the females.

Wisdom comes when the mixture of intellect, deep emotion, and awareness with discernment, flowers. Rarely does either the young or old possess the combination, but the ‘wise young’ are much wiser than most aging derelicts of inner human growth. There is a human growth hormone in the pituitary gland that stimulates both body growth but also a rejuvenating process of the mind and general being. This ‘growth’ begins to fade in most by around the age of thirty. Often, it’s not used for ‘spiritual growth’ at all and becomes more unlikely as we age.

Freedom is a higher value than love. If love kills freedom, it’s ‘love with conditions and shackels’, or ‘fools love’. Love that constricts freedom needs the freedom to run. Always, love wants the other to communicate their inner wants and wishes while being open to exploring how they can best be satisfied. A deep love between two people gives an enhancement to the individuality that each wants even if it means a loving disconnection from the relationship. Immaturity cannot understand that.

To give love, the first requirement is like with anything, you have to have it to give it! Giving money out is limited both by greed or by not having much to give. Love is the same, to give and receive it the heart’s love bank needs to be filled. Giving love to another opens the heart to non expectant receiving. Love is like a boomeranging positive, blissfulness, and joy filled energy!

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