Bugs Bunny & God

Bugs Bunny & God


November 27, 2010
Is it meaningful to have respect for the pimp in the sky? You know, the one that billions have sold their body and soul to? Out of respect and sensitivity for a dying person, what ever they believe in, be it a cartoon character, it is not the time to argue but to give them heartfelt energy. We on earth are on trial. On trial to be what we each can be, given that there are no limits to the evolution of the spirit.

People like to ‘believe’ in that which gives them hope without even questioning that the word ‘belief’ implies doubt. That notion comes as a shock to most, and due to ‘hard wiring of beliefs’, it is like ‘water off a duck’s back’. It is near impossible for most to let go of beliefs even when shown what is ‘truth’ or knowing. The human mind is collectively still at a primitive, immature stage, and seemingly unable to wrap it’s head around information that dispels what they have been programmed with, and cling to.

To ‘prostitute’ one’s very soul to some ‘bronze era’ holy book rhetoric while virtually ignoring far more common sense ‘spiritual information’ of the last century is ‘blasphemous’ to one’s opportunities of being an evolving spirit. One of the 20th century mystics, George Gurdjieff called it ‘kundebuffer’, or an imaginary veil placed over humans to keep them asleep for their not being ready to handle the truth. The mind of man is like a floating haven for disembodied delusions. To see beyond the ‘veil’ of programming is the beginning of the spiritual journey, or the path of the spiritual warrior.

To let go of what has given comfort from childhood is to nudge disorder toward order. To live one’s life parroting the ancient dead’s purported words, that have lost their original meaning, is to entangle the mind, and being into a world of ‘dizzyland’ that is an invisible ‘box’ for the ‘throw aways’ of human opportunity. Spiritual progress is made step by step, but in the direction of awakening the love and awareness within. Religions are the fuel for exciting imaginations to keep the sheeple in the flock to be sheared. Always open the doors and windows of the mind and heart for new, fresh energy to bring one closer to enlightenment. Know more about what the word ‘God’ stands for than you do about who Bugs Bunny is!  Why get stuck on ‘believing’ when knowing is possible both to not know, or know!

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