Fool’s Love

Fools Love


November 26, 2010
Many a ‘gold miner’ got excited about discovering gold only to find out it wasn’t the ‘real thing’! ‘Fools gold’ is only a gold colored mineral that’s often mistaken for real gold, and is relatively worthless. Many a miner for love has become bamboozled with feel good moments, that are often ‘biological’, into thinking they have found ‘real love’. Rushing to the ‘Jeweler’ for gold and diamonds, that are likely real, for securing that which fades into a memory is the curse of ‘fools love’.

Knowing what you are doing often takes a back seat for momentary feelings, as well as pressures from within of ‘what’s suppose to happen’. Chasing romantic dreams largely created by ‘Hollywood movies’ is usually a way to come to the shocking realization of, ‘it this all there is’, as the realities of who each other really has been invades and overtakes the ‘dream’. Love is a ‘many splendored thing’, but only rarely continues to be when two people have a deep inherent, growing love within themselves.

The pangs of love touches everyone, but for a fleeting moment that clings to the memory, but usually fades from reality. Just because you exist as you see yourself to be, does not mean that you are currently equipped or ‘tooled’ to receive love’s innocence in more than a momentary glance. Perceiving yourself as a ‘nice person’ or one who should be loved has nothing to do with the reality of being ready to receive, and give love on a high conscious basis anymore than a marathon can be run with good results by those who are not prepared.

Love for a small minority, flows naturally. For most, modification of inner perception of one’s self with it’s flaws, unreleased traumas, non self acceptance, and all sorts of negativities must first be let go of its attachment. I hear others saying, that they want someone to love them. Sadly, that isn’t likely to happen on a deep, consistent basis from my experience. If you’re over, let’s say 30 years old, and have not experienced the deep love that satisfies your soul, devote every moment to find out why, how to change that, and make the shifts.

One life to live, but not necessarily a life with love that fills every day. Waiting for love, thinking love is just around the corner, is like gambling at a slot machine in a Las Vegas restroom. Truth is inside you where the odds are much better. Don’t wait on the world to change, it comes from within! Become a force of love within. Meditation releases love within.

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