Shots of Love … hic!

Shots of Love … hic!
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November 23, 2010
Drinking ‘shots’ of love is enough to create the feeling that you’ve arrived at the real thing. Being ‘drunk on love with eyes wide open’ transforms the being when all fears of closeness, expectations, and perceived rules are released. It’s a step into the void of everlasting silent bliss that few meditators will ever happen upon. Whether you are male or female, that gender identity disappears like the lifting fog on a clear day. The ‘soul’ experiences a cleansing that will have positive implications ongoing. A little bit or glimpse of love can be the beginning of a journey to the real mysteries of love beyond fears.

Ordinary love is primarily biologically induced and as such, comes and goes – a shot of love that loses it’s effect before it’s really begun. Sparking an interest just leaves the ‘spark’ hungry for the real fire everlasting. On Wall St, a large part of the secret for making money is to ‘strike’ while the best ‘window of opportunity’ is open. All of life operates on that principle, however, the window on ‘love rushing in’, albeit elusive, always is hidden in plain sight at any age.

Unabashed love between two people releases all the nonsense that most meditators only wish they could realize. A deep love between 2 people,  in my experience, supplants any meditation results I’ve seen, although there may well be exceptions out there. Those who avoid deep love, and/or meditation are completely off the grid of rising inner bliss. Getting to the experience of that deep love is, from what I can see, as elusive as a ‘pink butterfly’ – but possible. In some major cultures (e.g., India), ‘coupling’ for higher consciousness was closed by cultural traditions, and the caste system, hence the need to find bliss alone though yoga and meditation.

Love is not a path without dangers unless both go direct, totally with awareness, AND non attachment. Attachment is a humongous barrier!!!!! Years and years of hanging on are counter productive! Age is only a barrier of mass misinterpretation and fear. Ironically, older and wiser should be more favorable, but….. See the world as a personal support to your paradise within. No sense missing it, to satisfy the ‘false ego’! Time is not necessarily the enemy, but for realizing that time is love, and available at any moment in life.  Be part of making this a ‘love planet’ instead a one of strife – could happen in a moment if we all get on the same page of love!

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  1. I’ve never seen deep love between two people that stimulate the highest centers and I’ve never seen anyone who has achieved nirvana through meditation. At least meditation is a solitary quest not dependent upon the success of anyone else.

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