Psychologists are Vampires

Psychologists are Vampires


November 14, 2010
Sucking others energies to give you energy in your wallet is ‘vampiring’, and spiritually criminal! Hundreds of thousands of students graduate yearly with this ‘bogus psychology degree’, and even higher degrees in this field, like PH’D’s, or Piled Higher and Deeper. People making money in this field, in most cases, solve little, and really use patients as ATM machines with little results. Once, (and still) it was the Priest behind a black curtain while dressed in black, listening to what amounts to nonsense in term of his helping the idiot on the other side.

Getting an education in Psychology, beyond a few classes, is just an exercise in bringing more money in to the ‘school’ and for Professors who have their own psychological problems which they can’t seem to support themselves with their ‘mind control’ careers. Intellect, especially from ‘programming’, is nothing more than what one could get on the internet today, in fact less so.

If a ‘psychologist’, with a ‘shingle’ out, spent that hour with patients just teaching them laughter, or techniques to quiet the mind, the results would be as good or better, but who would come back after a few sessions? Isn’t their phony service largely about getting the ‘victim’ to come back as a source of income. Denial of real reasons for these services is rampant among these ‘druggers’ who can sound impressive only to the multitude who buy in to the whole setup behind the ‘shingle on the door.

‘Fix thyself’ are the only two words needed to cut the dependency on someone who claims not to provide these ‘gypsy like crystal ball services’. It’s like gong to Las Vegas and playing the ‘one arm bandits’ for expected happiness. It’s just a lolly pop that keeps a kid quiet momentarily. We are our best source of checking in to having a check out of the unnecessary flotsam floating, haplessly, and endlessly. The only cure is self cure, not by someone else who sells their mastery of the ‘cue words’ to keep you in this illusive game of getting fixed.

Just because, Psychology has been given a status in society as a legitimate meddler to ‘cure what ills the mind’, doesn’t make it any more real than the pundit fortune card reader at a carnival. Fixing the mind and heart is a ‘hands on job’ for the individual to do on their own. Seek within and ye shall find!


  1. I think psychology deals with life through the viewpoint of an abstract mind. From the point of view of a spiritual mind the variables of the abstract thinking of psychology are overseen and regarded as inconsequential.

  2. The best psychiatrists are in the home. I think there is a whole percentage of the population who are incapable of fixing themselves or seeking within and many of them have no one in the home with them to give succor, or they have no home at all. If psychotropic drugs are used to ease their suffering, I see nothing wrong with that. The reasons for people being in this condition are varied, from physical/mental imbalances to psychological traumas, but providing ease and comfort should be the prime directive.

  3. Cortisol is released as a reaction to a negative thought or event – the barin forced to focus on these negatives keeps the brain addicted to the stress hormones being released ‘fight or flight’ < NO – keep your sugar levels low and learn about REACTIONS and balance CORTISOL – all fear states or mental illness is a negative habit that feeds the shrink and keeps the cortisol victim in THE-RAPEE

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