No Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed

No Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed
Suns of God
November 20, 2010
Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Walt Disney, are some of the proven historical figures who ‘walked the earth’. Remarkably, the first writer in history was a ‘female’! A female writer (of hymns), Enheduanna, has a better claim to being the first writer, in Sumerian (an earlier language than Akkadian), from the 23d century B.C.!! It’s important to know who are just symbols of morality, and who actually lived, perhaps walking their talk, ‘in historical fact’!

The contemporary religion historian and mythicist, Acharya S, had this to say (only yesterday!): “There is nothing new in the New Testament that older cultures did not already possess, including wisdom and love.  To suggest otherwise – i.e., that a Jewish man came along 2,000 years ago and suddenly enlightened a dark and ignorant world – is to defame the ancients, including the Greeks, Indians and Egyptians, who represented some of the most evolved cultures of all time.”

“If Christ is a myth, then there is no “He” to have any teachings, enlightened or otherwise.  What is truly helpful to humanity is not the supposed teachings of a fictional character which in reality represent the wisdom of older cultures but the restoration to these ancient cultures of the dignity and respect they deserve, so that we may attain the understanding of what they were conveying with their myths and traditions.”

Males have been a ‘parasite gender’ for the wisdom of the ancients, myths, and females! Walt Disney, the famed creator of fantasy characters at least acknowledged their figments of the imagination. In past history, all holy books were the results of male conjecture expressed in ‘archetypes’ of inspirational symbols in human form so to have more meaning to the masses.

Since the middle of the 20th century (post World War II), many have written and spoken wisdoms in understandable language, far surpassing the collaboration of the many who created the holy books. Has there been anything in life that hasn’t been improved upon, beyond man’s ignorance, in the last few decades? Religion, or letting go of it, is the most difficult to get the believers of what’s in ‘holy books’, to accept for any change, even if it’s new facts. The ‘new bible’ is a ‘tabula rasa’ with blank pages that need no name, or declaration of belief, but are empty for each individual to find the spiritual answers themselves. No more spoon feeding religious dogma! The scriptures are written in the hearts of humans! Consciousness and truth come from within!

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