Schnook Love Heads

Schnook Love Heads


November 17, 2010
A schnook is a ‘dimwit’ who goes down a one way street the opposite way because he remembers it being a ‘two way street’, while also ignoring the ‘one way signs’. Airheads, birdbrains, numbskulls, are common where ever you look as having come up from the long ago centuries, and getting so mesmerized by all the new technology that they proceed to think life is all about  enjoying it without having to look at ‘who they really are’.

These brainwashed ‘loggerheads’ skim the surface of life looking to fulfill every material, window shopping, entertainment opportunity available in never ending succession. They are too busy chasing ‘pipe dreams’ to stop and see that they have allowed themselves to be life’s bubble heads, meatheads, dipsey doodles, and general ‘idiots’ in denial of real life beyond illusions. They are usually ‘yahoo’s’ for belief systems looped over from ancient times without any regard for findings that all belief systems are deeply entrenched in myths.

Fantasy, fear, and general negativity, keep the majority in ‘sheeple mode’.
Their thinking, frequently, is that falling in love is totally magical, a bolt of lightening from the blue that will come at random, usually when least expected. Many people wait passively for this magic to appear. Although masked as hope, this passivity is really a form of hopelessness. The hope that someone will reach out to us and bestow love is a surrender of our ability to create our own lives.
Alas, it becomes very boneheaded to rely on love as a remover of the obstacles that keep it away. All sorts of unloving knuckle headed behaviors are allowed to persist with the attitude that we will become affectionate, open, trusting, and intimate only by a touch of love’s magic wand. The underlying belief is that we can pick and choose whom to love, leaving the rejected in an unloving limbo of indifference, and ‘broken hearted’.
We are the same person as in the past of what we were, leading up to ‘nature’s strike of love’. People rarely change what should be reexamined, corrected, and used as an opportunity to evolve. Reaching adulthood, it becomes our inner responsibility to let go, or positively reinterpret anything from childhood that engenders block headed holding on to behaviors that will inevitably crush and erode love’s real magical blessings.  To love with ‘awareness’ of being adaptive to the highest possibility of love’s endless flowering, is both divine and enlightening.

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