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Roses & Shit


November 18, 2010
One of the names of Gautam the Buddha is ‘Tathagata’ or one who accepts the crap as well as the blessings of life. Whatever comes, the suchness of life is to be lived as it presents itself. Accept all with ‘totality’, even death because of trusting all existence unconditionally – a surrender.

The highest peaks of love and meditation are to accept the good, bad, and ugly choicelessly with no attachment to likes and dislikes. Accepting life as it unfolds brings an inner peace, joy, serenity, and a divine silence. When despair and negative come, accept it rather than oppose it. When life is ‘great’, enjoy the moment but not to be attached when the ‘skies’ change. Accept and enjoy the blessings. Accept the ‘dark moments’, and see the inner resilience that we all have to acclimate ourselves to the suchness of life, or what is. Reach for the freedom of choice to use the circumstances to rise above, letting the confusions and pains be where they are, accepting that they will come with opportunities to grow.

Accepting the ‘suchness’ of life in the heart and mind, the silence of emptiness has within it a soothing, joyous, murmur of godliness that follows like an invisible shadow in all endeavors. Life and love are self perpetuating especially when one surrenders to the moment of here and now. You are where you are because you made choices that led to the experiences that unfold. Grasp, and yet always be letting go of all circumstances, for life is an ever moving phenomenon.

Trust in yourself. Peace begins in the inner. Where there is no inner peace, the outer will reflect that, and the mind will seek to find all blame anywhere but inside you. Let go of all attachments, and accept what ever comes with awareness, and no judgment. Judgments are of the ‘mind’, and tether one to erroneous, self indulgent thoughts that do nothing but send waves of negative karma back to the giver of false incriminations. The mind has an invisible steering wheel that steers to the open, positive paths of life. Stay non judgmental and just be a silent observer to all that comes.  If life has a best secret, this is it.

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