God is Marriage

God Is Marriage


November 13, 2010
The eyes and heart of the ‘beloved’ are the eyes of god. When the soul of the other is no longer felt in the eyes and heart, god transcends to the closet to gather dust. Feeling the overwhelming essence of god is through the gentle touching bliss of communing with the beloved. Moving as deep as possible, the false self disappears opening up a permanent imprint of divine godliness beyond the perception of the common senses. The world is in turmoil because the real understanding of ‘god’ has been locked in the closet to be ignored, and just forgotten.

Always it’s time to ‘jump the ship’ of ignorance and denial. The ‘ego’ of the male as well as the submissive, non ‘let go’ ego of the woman is epidemic. Where the ego is, godliness is not. The euphoria of love has no ego, but the giving of itself. Man persists in tripping over the obvious in front of his nose because he’s always looking though his desires and imagination to every place but right here and now.

Love has no false face or hidden agenda, but is transparent and open to each. In a  total let go of all fears of closeness, the sparks of love turn into a flooding fire that consumes and burns away all impediments to the immersion into a state of godliness. We all have the choice, alone or with the ‘mirror of god’ in partnership to cultivate the taste of ‘godliness’. No man is an island of ‘satan’ unless he chooses to ignore the heart for the desires of the mind. Not feeding love is to let the fire of the night gasp itself into the ashes of darkness.

‘God sightings’ only happen in a partnering be it with the inner, or more likely manifested both in the inner, and expressed in fullness in the eyes and heart of a beloved. Freedom of expression begins within, and not with what the outer situations allow by law or otherwise. One must live in flexibility with outer conditions, and move where the flow of love best arises. Marriage, in the true spiritual sense, is god realization. Societies marriage is ‘man’s idea’ of shackling the free nature of love, and it’s godliness. God is not a father or mother but the very essence of life and love expressed. A false marriage brings turmoil and hardship, while godliness is speaking to unchain it, and immerse in the divine within. Arhata

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  1. I read it with a relationship to one person in mind, but kept supplanting the idea of a state of being in relationship to all people and all living creatures.

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