Space Cadet Judgers

SpaceCadet Judgers

photoNovember 12, 2010
‘Laying on’ of personal judgments can be a malady of the ‘ego mind’. Life is partly about learning to dodge those who cast aspersions recklessly.  Like eating at a famous French restaurant in New York, there are certain table manners that far exceed those of the average customer at McDonald’s Fast Food. Many live between their ears called a ‘land of crude and rude’ with no sauve faire, or ‘sensitivity for the situation’. In a way they are ‘mental clutzes’, however, ‘skillful means’ needs to be used in a compassionate way to get them to see another viewpoint.

To see behind, and all around you, is an art that creates a more ‘wholistic approach’ to viewing life. To see all around begins with seeing ‘who you really are’.  Are you what all others see, or what ‘some others’ see? Those who see you, wear all kinds of colored glasses too that may well distort the vision. Awareness is a key to spiritual development, and in all facets of life from surroundings, personal interactions, to standing outside, and inside yourself.

Accurate assessment of all phenomenon is a never ending art that needs standing outside of the ego of projection. To be free of both erroneous judgements of others as well as knowing the ‘knack’ of handling others erroneous and personal judgements, is a godsend, and part of one’s spiritual path. Always, the cultivation of one’s inner ability to turn things to a lighter tone or with a little humor is a ‘tool to use in the art of communication’.

Compassion for one’s own, and others struggle to communicate is essential to a more loving environment. Self love and awareness, with the ability to discern the ‘how’s and why’s of situations, is one of life’s great gifts.

One doesn’t need to stop judging others, but to discern how and why you judge. You can judge behavior but why the person who is hiding behind the behavior? Nietzsche has said, ’I go on smiling. People think I am a very jolly person, and that is absolutely wrong. I go on laughing because I am afraid that if I don’t laugh, I may start crying. So I have to convert my energy somewhere otherwise it will become tears. Before it becomes tears it has to become laughter.’

Always remember to ‘let go’ and experience laughter as one of the best medicines, especially the ability to laugh and chuckle to oneself about flying judgments.

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