Shopping Cart Personalities

Shopping Cart Personalities

photoNovember 8, 2010
Personality salesmen find a ‘sucker’ for their schpiel around every corner. People are typically ‘mismatches’ with who they really are behind the facade or mask that gets them approval from those that can’t see the ‘back story’ of what ‘brung them to whom they appear to be’. Charmers to get what they think they deserve, but fearful of others finding out that ‘smoke and mirrors’ play a big part in the ‘show’.

‘Shopping cart pullers of unresolved issues’ seek hooking up with other shopping bag or cart people. Sometimes the smarter ones seek the illusory comfort of a kind soul that they think will keep them out of the rain of others of the same ilk, usually only to find that patience wears thin, and they are off again looking for another place to rest their ‘chaotic chattering heads’. ‘Cart people’ become friends with what holds them back from seeing the beauty that rests inside them.

Self processing begins with looking in the mirror at all aspects of yourself and taking an inventory of the pluses and minuses. ‘Change evolvement’ can be done by a mental choice, but for reaching who you really are, the mind and heart must be emptied to remain as such with only necessary positive, life serving information to be ‘uploaded’. Who resides in you is a ‘tabular rosa’ that has been filled with genetics and life experiences. Some of genetics are unalterable. Life experiences that are negative contributors to who you appear as in the ‘shopping cart’, can be detached from in importance.

Habits are learned, and are replaceable by seeing them, accepting them, detaching with awareness, and ultimately replacing them with ones deemed ‘life enhancing’ or positive. Meditation is a tool for ‘raising the bar’ of the mind and heart, and eliminating the ‘fray’ that clings to ‘negative experiences’. Love also works, but can’t be reached consistently without a clearing of the being so the seeds of inner enhancement can grow and flourish. Being in the ‘now’ needs a clearing, or emptying of the past that stifles who you really are, and the freedoms to become that.

The mind and heart can be either a ‘sewer’ or a fertile garden to flourish all the blessings in love’s components. Always, there is a choice to reach for the stars with feet on the ground, or to suffer in ingratitude and apathy. Life is a blessing that needs your awareness and cooperation.

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