Illusion Machine

Illusion Machine


November 6, 2010
Meteorites, hallucinations, optical illusions, weather balloons, fame, Hollywood, the Vatican, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the White House, the American Dream, marriage, God, holy books, man in the world, ‘happy people’, the list goes on and on,  and is beyond imagination! For those that stay in unawareness, and not questioning what they see, the world becomes a place where they live in illusion as ‘illusion pawns’ for those that ‘stir the bewitching brew’ of control.

‘Ya gotta be wiser, ya gotta be calm, ya gotta be aware, ya gotta be tough, ya gotta be stronger, ya gotta be together, ya gotta be cool, ya gotta be fair’, and see things as they are, and not as others spin them for personal gain. Selling in the corporate world of New York City, I was always reminded to ‘sell the sizzle’ and not just the ‘machine’. Sizzle sells! Fear of being without is ‘sizzle’, as well as what my schpiel will do for you, is ‘sizzle’.

Politicians, the business person with a product or service, and the ‘religious salesman’ all have been trained, especially through experience, on how to get desired results by what amounts to ‘manipulating your mind’ by what their ‘presentation’ can do for you, and avoid pain. What do the ad agencies on Madison Ave. in NY do but find new creative ways to make money for their clients, be it Viagra, Round Table Pizza, life insurance, or a new BMW automobile.

Reality can be created through imagination. Imagination can be a process to reality. Illusion is a ‘bubble’ that is supported by the wrong use of imagination. Illusion is a manipulation of the mind by others, or even yourself. Illusion can motivate the imagination into behavior that becomes real, or just a deeper illusion that can have real effects. Religions are filled with illusions that require imagination to make them appear real as people lead their lives according to scriptures that create illusions activating imaginations for good and evil. Use the highest form of intelligence, called discernment, to see what is an illusion.

Illusion activates imagination and vice versa. Stay in awareness, and illusions will find their own death. What the mind and heart can know or imagine doesn’t have to be an illusion. Imagination is going so deep into an attitude that it becomes a reality. That attitude can become an illness, or a cure of what ails the body, mind, or heart. Become a  ‘heart/awareness non machine’ that controls your life as much as existence allows.

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