Trust, or Believe

Trust, or Believe?


November  1, 2010
The ‘red pill or the blue pill’, which is the authentic one? Trust is the ‘blue pill’. The world is a prison planet of fairy tale believers and deniers who are quite ready to protect the fairy tale by denying that it’s the case. It begins innocently as a child with the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, ‘the man in the sky watching you’, heaven, boogie man, cartoon characters, sugar daddies, etc. The game is innocent, but it drifts into the teen years, and reaching adult hood, some of them become hardwired for ‘non questioning’. Maturity comes when ‘trust’ in oneself and existence replaces all fantasies.

Children receive and believe the projected beliefs of adults. The most harmful one is, ‘believe in god’. A child has no idea how to wrap their head around that vague idea. It’s utter ‘brain washing’ as the child will never mature for the thirst of longing to find out for themselves what is meant by the word ‘god’, and instead settle on a ‘pseudo god’. Beliefs are ‘pseudo’.

Intelligence arises only with the longing to know, and not saying yes to an authority figure when they are too young to have the capacity to think on their own. Religion for a child is an ‘insurrection’ to their still growing intelligence. Converting children, instead of being sensitive and patient to their ability to use their own intelligence, is very unnecessarily invasive, and ‘fear creation mongering’.

Give children the freedom to find the trust within rather than being fed by an adult, and creating insecurity in a child to become dependent on others opinions that may have little or nothing to do with reality that they may in time find on their own. Trust is destroyed in the vulnerable, innocent who need the protection of an adult, and in a sense, are forced to accept information, quite possibly false, that they carry throughout life without trusting their own search.

Destroying trust is to castrate someone. You will always have the inner power that comes with trusting yourself rather than giving the power over to others to dominate. The ‘programmed’ will be good soldiers, citizens, followers of a religion, all, but not an individual who can think, and be for themselves. Authentic beings are not robots following everyone’s orders without trusting their inner instincts. To trust is to be side by side with truth. To believe is to give over your power to authority figures that quite possibly think contrary to your inner trust.

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