Fake Orgasms

Fake Orgasms


November 4, 2010
‘Fake’ sells. We are living in a world of ‘Hollywood fake’, and that ‘fake’ creates illusory ‘fake’ happiness in the non discerning mind. Prostitutes fake orgasms to please the ‘johns’ to give them their money’s worth.  Some wives fake it to make it appear that they are excited by their husbands, although ‘we have a serious lack of communication there. For males, it’s fake foreplay. It’s all about low consciousness and low expectations.

‘Fake’ doesn’t sell if you call it ‘fake’! Imagine advertising ‘fake food’ at a discount? Sadly, millions would still buy it, but the manufacturers would over time be put out of business by those companies that sold ‘organic’ food, or disguised the ‘fake. Fake or ‘diet’ food is a trillion dollar business that serves the pharmaceutical conglomerates who probably also sell the fake food to the undiscerning ‘faked out’ consumer.

Religions have created guilt and fear where unnecessary, and then ‘voila’, provide the solution! It’s the old ‘need/problem-quandary-aha, we’ve got the solution! The problem makers have the fake solutions for the ignorant in denial who exist only because they’re here, and need survival while getting more of what they want in the changing moment. Perhaps it’s ‘serial fake users’? People who sell ‘fake’ need naive buyers who accept the fake.

However, ‘faking it ‘til you make it’, if done consciously, often works!!! I have hosted ‘laughter meditations’ where many won’t laugh until I tell them to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’, and eventually it turns into real laughter. Faking positive behaviors, rather than resisting negatively, creates a ‘natural’ behavior in time. Not doing or wanting to express positive, sensitive behaviors, may begin to change into heartfelt behaviors by a kind of osmosis of mindful fake, conscious intent, transposing into doing what naturally comes from high consciousness. What we don’t like to do, and do grudgingly will, with a positive attitude, transform into a natural experience void of the resistance of ‘fake’.

Fake or false information for those who accept it as part of their existence, leads one to looking for easy solutions, regardless if they are from the same source of the false information. The false creates more misery, fear and guilt with the likely outcome of one being perpetually off the track of truth. Be aware of fake truths that come through ‘belief or faith’ where in actuality, with discernment, the ‘real authentic answer’ is available for those who search. ‘Say yes’ to discernment of the positive without ignoring the negative.

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