God? Loves Islam

God? Loves Islam


October 30, 2010
Positive, loving people are gods works of art! God has no interest whether you’re this religion, or that one. Allah loves Christians!  People who fake belief by calling it real, whether of one religion or another, amount to ‘devils of god’. It is a disease of the species who need the doctoring of the true spirit of godliness by those free of ‘idol worship’. Religions are ‘structures’ for those not looking into the mysteries of life deeper, and a stepping stone to greater truths.

Missing in religions are people who are positive and proactive in keeping their house free of radical ‘pinheads who look to violence allegedly in support of their ‘ugly’ assessment of the particular religion. These pinheads are easily provoked to negative behavior while rarely absorbing the positive messages of their religion (of course, EVERYTHING in holy books has been rewritten many times, and even better, since the advent of the twentieth century). Holy book are ‘outdated’ and inspite of being filled with some wisdoms, they are mixed with thoughts that no one would advocate today on their own.

Surely, a speaking god would advocate giving the ‘holy books’ less attention while paying attention to some of the wonderful contemporary words written today. God doesn’t support Christianity or Islam, as they are word manipulators basically to ‘corral’ the less inquisitive masses, who are too busy to search further, and the millions of ‘religious salesmen’ who are like ‘gas stations’, but to fill the mind with what is but a ‘substitute’ for higher conscious means (cars can run on compressed air, and people can find ‘love in the air’).

Does religion help people? Yes, and so do other sources like current spiritual insights, or meditation, or even ‘deep love’. Religions brew lots of positive, but mixed with catatonic mental aberrations that toxify millions into fear based misjudgments and misunderstandings. Of course, the ‘kicker’ is that ‘religious scientists’ have all but proven the non historical existence of ALL ‘holy book characters’. Even if they had lived in the 20th century, they would be misinterpreted by most as I am here writing this!

The strings of the past that ‘choke humanity’ are the rope that will hang it soon unless the more aware get off their ‘bums’, and ignite godly, positive information as they snuff out with ‘skillful, humanitarian means’ all negative action perpetrated by the fake followers of religions. The religious salesmen owe it to the world to stop being ‘snake oil salesmen of information’ that they know has been replaced by better and more understandable guidance for compassionate, conscious living. God, or Allah, is the universal force of energy within.


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