Gluttony & Stupidity in USA

Gluttony & Stupidity in USA


October 29, 2010
Two of the ‘7 deadly sins’ address both of these ‘non qualities’ as qualifiers to create havoc to the spirit, hence the world. Is there a country more ‘gifts of life’ than in America? With the advent of unparalleled technology and information, what do most americans pay attention to? Technology unfortunately is the run away winner! Ironically, it’s the technology which open the ‘floodgates of information to better deal with obstacles to most everything.

The priority of serving oneself with outer paraphernalia leaves little time to receive information to awaken the inner to the mystery of truths that create a higher quality of life for the individual as well as the world at large. Gluttony and stupidity a prevalent among all categories of people, tall, small, rich, poor, educated or not.

Giving to others, even if it exists, is often a coverup for cloaked unthoughtful, stupid actions that are interwoven to make the recipients have a dance of the emotions that serve to make them ‘stupid’, gullible and more likely to misuse positive thinking to make excuses to defend the ‘give/take maestro’. Does ‘gullibility’ become a form of ‘gluttony’ for self punishment? Certainly either one invites in ‘stupidity’!

Gluttony is any self serving action that only tenders a fake acknowledgment of others plights. To take a precious gift called ‘a moment in life’ in this vast universe of infinite and unknowable time, and squander it on oneself or others who are ‘support staff’ for the stupid shenanigans, is gluttony of rather than compassion and consciousness.

Perhaps there is no end, but has the positive, divine action begun for you yet, or is life still walking up to the starting line while traipsing through the window shopping treats of life? Are your neurosis’s giving a glimpse of health and positivity avoiding the ‘oneness’ or centeredness within? One feels ‘split’ in life between ‘negative and positive’ becomes of a frugality of inner love of self. If you are given ‘the secrets to a harmonious life’, to receive them, you will first need to drop all obstacles that shield the transmission. No one can serve two opposite masters like ‘gluttony and stupidity’, while expecting inner growth. The phenomenon is self explanatory. Choose ‘deadly sins’ or higher consciousness, blue pill or red one.

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