Football Coaching Romance

Football Coaching Romance


October 25, 2010
Love a reflection of your higher self in another body.

Tough love can save love. Showing up for a ‘practice romance’ that ultimately becomes mixed with bad habits, is an equation for a bad ‘game’. Not being ready for love is a good reason to just stay with the ‘sex’, or nothing, and not enter the game for ‘pros’ called ‘love’. Sadly, it’s rare to find adults who came through childhood with a positive balance of love and discipline. That’s a formula for ‘love on the ropes’ or love with weeds that, unattended, overgrow the field of harmonious love.

Before love gets too carried away into a ‘drunken state’ (called ‘falling in love’ rather than ‘rising’) of making one vulnerable to life time decisions that make one a ‘prisoner of love’, certain precautions need to be in place. Over ridding love for it to stay at the high level that is it’s ‘zone’ to continue to wear the hat of being called ‘love’, two people need to consider how to do that.

Communication needs to be always open with full transparency. Agreements need to be made and kept to ensure that each is in full compliance and active support of assuring that  the initial surge of love grows into a deep and compassionate love. A football coach is interested in the development of all the players who collectively can play the best possible game they can. Players submit to the methods of the coach which may ruffle the feathers of the ego at times.

Each partner needs to, if necessary, be that coach, as well as the submissive player to listen to thoughts that make for a better, more enjoyable ‘love experience’. There can be no ‘areas’ off limits to the full execution of opening hearts further, for love and compassion. Love needs resonance, or a receiver and a passer for a full run into the ‘zone of love’. Once into the zone deeply, the love becomes more than a shadow but a full partner throughout the rest of life.

The ‘SuperBowl of Love’, very rarely comes naturally without the passion and dedication to make it the main priority of life. Money and accumulation seem to be the ‘religion and passion’ of humans at the moment. The SuperBowl of Love NEVER happens when anything other than the passion and focus is on other than mutual ‘extreme love’. An ‘extreme love makeover’ should always be a priority if need be.

Getting what you don’t want involves suffering. Craving desires creates suffering. No craving eliminates suffering. Not craving life eliminates the fear of death. Love doesn’t need craving, but the tenderness and openness of the heart with a willing mind. Romance is eternal if one is always prepared and ready.

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