Blow Your Mind?

Blow Your Mind!

Walker Between Two Worlds - Exclusive Interview with JZ Knight

October 25, 2010
‘Reverse the pump’, step out of the mind occasionally, and see who you really are! Fear and ignorance keep one in the ‘devil’s playground’ of the chattering head that knows only what it’s seen and believed. Blow out the mind, and open the heart for a revolution in your being. The mind is programmed like a computer – wrong information in, wrong information out! Wash the brain, or more popularly called a ‘brain wash’ for the brain washed.

You can be any thing this time around. You can be anyone this time around. You can do anything this time around. You are among the first generations in history that can control your mind and nervous system. You can be god, in fact you’ve got to be god to become all that you can be, and help change this world. You can be Jesus or Krishna, or any of the imaginary religious idols. You can waste your life, and not be who you really are, this time around!

You are not a machine ….a machine. You can be a goddess of love, or a god of love. Why settle for ‘self condemnation’ of who you are not even. Seek and ye shall find who you really are, and that has nothing to do with any belief system, or what others think you are.

Let love be your mentor. Walk side by side with love. Sit down by the fire, feel and see love. Make love your partner throughout life’s many challenges until you and love depart at death. Always lie side by side with love.

Accept whomever you are. Accept the world as it is given to you. Acceptance brings one into the ‘new world’ or the spiritual ‘new world order’. Sitting in the same place waiting for things to change, brings nothing but frustration. Accept a ‘rebirth’ by being here in the moment. As you change the world changes. Let go of what’s not working as you know it can, and be the ‘new man or woman’. Blow out all the cob webs that obstruct your journey to the new, and real you. Be friendly with your heart, and get to know what opening it can do to your life. ‘Supersize’ your love and compassion!

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