U R a Redneck if …

(Note: This was a popular free speech board I had in Port Townsend ending this week)
U R a Redneck if …


October 19, 2010

… if 5 of 25 below apply:

Watch over 5 hours of football per week

Smoke pot or cigarettes most days

Prefer eating meat      • Eat lots of fast food

Drink 25% as much alcohol as other liquids

Watch violent shows on TV

Frequent use of profanity     • Scream and yell a lot

• Poor communicator

• Wealthy people who don’t give anything or a very small percentage of their income

• Relationship cheaters      • Conservatives

• Pussy hounds or porno lovers

• Texting wile driving     • Hunters

• Country music lovers

• Negative thinkers     • Mood swingers

• Born Agains/fundamentalists     • Talkers with little action

• Rejectors of friendliness with former friends and relatives

• Refusers by action to look at facts of one’s religion by ‘objective scientists of religions’

• Fatties who ride around in carts at Wal Mart

• Infrequent users of ‘self improvements’

• Continual use of bad habits       • Don’t Accurately see yourself


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