I Run from Christians

cid:7E08DA9CA4204CB29D1FD5C3EF43C5B3@JacquiI Run from Christians!!!
October 16, 2010
Ye Gads! My first words before many Christians could begin parroting Ezekiel Chapter 4 Verse 11 is, ‘I’m Saved from Jesus’ please let me be saved from your babble! Are these people all monkeys in human bodies, or are they just sheeple in fear of the ‘big bad wolf’ they call the ‘devil’?

A true story that happened in October of 1984: I lived in a 66 step walkup tenement penthouse in the luxurious upper east side of Manhattan (NYC). Having dressed for a party, I buzzed in friends and strangers who were to accompany me there. As I opened the door, I saw two people coming up the stairs that I did not recognize. One was a red devil with a tail and nothing less than the pictures of what a devil looked like. Behind him was a beautiful angel in white with wings and a halo, green eyes, and a smile. Gathering my composure to acknowledge that it was Halloween, I focused on the angel.

Within minutes she exclaimed to being an ‘evangelist for Jesus’. Later I was to find out that she was a niece of the ’80’s most outspoken, soon-to-be defrocked evangelist, Jimmy Swaggert! Over the next 1/2 year, I was privileged (on the one hand) to be enlightened to the secrets of the fiery ‘religious salesman’ and their detached brain to logic and truth. Other than a pleasant experience with her, I was able to bond with a pretty, bright ‘attender’ of her prayer groups who became a ‘spiritual sister’ over the last 20 some years. The spiritual sister, because of the beginning connection, and mutual feeling of ‘Saved from Jesus’, has become the leading ‘religion research scientist’ in the world for bringing forth the lies and myths of all religions, particularly Christianity and Islam.

An openness in the heart and mind to move outside the ‘box’ of authority figures that we are supposed to ‘trust on faith and belief’, opens up a more real world of beautiful mysteries that cannot be found following ancient mens words of fear and false hope for the afterlife that one religion is known to even promise 72 virgins in Heaven, again on faith and belief! The word ‘god’ to me has a whole new meaning, and experience that is completely counter to anything I see in a proselytizing christian. ‘Salvation’ comes in a deep loving of oneself, and not in any beliefs or faiths. Find truth within and you will be ‘saved’ from all ‘boogie man stories’ of the holy books. Truth come from a deep, deep love that quietly rests within each human waiting for nurturing. Save YOU from the ‘false you’ of the ego and it’s accumulation of attached misconceptions, deceptions, and ‘mind talk’. Trust existence, and letting go of others dogma to see the real mysteries of life. Time to make life a ‘rock and roll smile’.

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