Earth – Lucifer’s Playground!

Earth – Lucifer’s Playground!

October 18, 2010
Nothing is so bright as the light within, but it requires a high consciousness of awareness. Satan or Lucifer, are words to describe an energy. An energy of oppression that stunts love and compassion for each to the detriment of others. For all the good on the earth, this is still very much a planet of needless suffering and negativity since the beginning of recorded history. The good news is that we now have the ability to connect everyone together in higher consciousness on the planet!

It’s up to each individual to give back, starting with each individual self. Make the #1 passion in life to give and receive the mysterious love within that everyone has an infinite supply of waiting for the open heart and ‘letting go’. Let the interest in rising consciousness be the fire of passion in itself to transform and crystalize you into the person who is an example for the ‘new man and woman’ on Earth.

The ‘devil’ in the possibility of transformation is clinging to the ‘old you’ in fear of letting go. A deception remains that you can be the old you, and the new simultaneously, when the truth is, it’s not possible. The mind is cunning and will try and create a superficial interest, but you will find the results to be the same as in the past discouraging one to lose interest in the transformation. Apathy, meaningless distractions, and non action for positive results are tools for destruction in the devil’s playground. Freedom to actively make differences within and without distances oneself from luciferian energy.

Seems like most of the planet wanted to be either a domesticated animal, and waited on, or more likely a wild animal with no sense of purpose other than shear survival. This is now the ‘age of transformation’. We survived the wars after man was released from the forests into the industrial age, and with it many great labor saving inventions as well as weapons of destruction. Now we are at the zenith of the technological/computer/pharmaceutical experimentation age here where man continues his foray as essentially an idiot. Unbeknown to the masses, who live for greed and pleasures while faking adherence to some religion, the ‘age of transformation of the inner and outer world’ is the new step to de-war the planet. We find ways to just get along by self evolution, and ‘giving actions’, with discernment, to the whole earth with a booster shot into an enlightened age.

Let the journey of transformation into a godly age of love and compassion take hold for a new consciousness as we exit the transition from semi-animal to ‘godlike entities walking the earth’. The future is now, and each person has access to the consciousness of the Christ or Buddha’s!

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