Trust God???

Trust God???


When i choose your hand to hold, i mean i trust you, i really mean it. dont try lost hold of my hand.. when i trust you..

Trust is like a vase.. once it’s broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.
It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

October 14, 2010
Uhh … one problem! If one doesn’t even know and love themselves, as well as stumbling over a definition of God – why should you trust a god that can’t be defined, and when you can’t even trust yourself!? HELLO!!! That doesn’t quite make sense! Society, parents, teachers, religious salesmen all unknowingly program kids to trust them, minimizing, or eliminating kids trusting themselves. Believe, believe, trust, trust, and the power to use one’s own trust is flogged out of sight.

The ‘roots’ of trust must come from within.  Trusting oneself is the basis of trust. One who trusts themselves first is an independent individual who doesn’t follow any dogma, belief or dictum without trusting themselves first. The ‘self truster’ moves outside of ways to corral them into a group for someones gain. The whole society in its many parts depends on ‘belief’ or believing of ‘dependent people’. The world is a wonderful place with wonderful opportunities at this incredible time of technological explosion. Why drag old habits from past centuries that limit the freedom of the being and soul. Will the unborn child still inherit that curse of thousands of years passed on from generation to generation?

Children are brainwashed to think what their parents believe unquestionably in. They have a view of god that meets no standards of describing anything yet pass that on to their children along with trusting the ‘religious salesman’ as having the word of god which they likely are confused about. The child, consequently, need not have the desire and longing to search for deeper truths. A child is innocent, and not mature enough to grasp concepts that others as adults, sadly, don’t even. As they mature with ‘beliefs’ instilled in him, the urge to seek beyond is likely thwarted. To say you believe in and love god becomes ‘the right thing to do’, and without going beyond what was taught.

Children grow into adults who are too busy to question what they were taught by authority figures, and perpetuate what they were told. As a child, can they question an adult, but risk punishment. That ‘mindset’ carries over, and continues throughout adulthood with no longing to discover beyond the ‘boilerplate’ concept of others, who are just guessing. People fear the freedom to go beyond the established, accepted, and unquestioned beliefs. Establishmentarianism results.

Trusting beliefs without getting to the roots of what’s true is a ‘life suicide’ that begins as a child, and follows one to the grave. Trust yourself but let that ‘trust’ grow deeply. Seek to ‘know’ with great caution in all beliefs.

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