Mental Ward Follies

Mental Ward Follies 75.1/365 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Miz J. October 12, 2010 Nearly everyone is a prisoner of their own mental ward that’s in the ‘talking head’ between their ears. It’s a mental choice to carry it around and seek excuses why the ‘talking head’ shoots out negative dissonance 24/7 with little ‘clear time’. It use to be like in the famous 1975 movie written by Ken Kesey, One Flew East, One Flew West, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest where you went to a ‘nut ward’. Currently, it’s identified as being perched on the shoulders. Now that we’ve evolved a bit, some pundits have declared, and rightly so, that humanoids walk around in their private mental wards. Sometimes two mental wards get together, define marriage according to that, and have little ‘mental wards’. HItler would have loved it to find so many willing to be led by unfulfilled promises that wake up in graves wondering what happened, and ‘is that all there is’? ‘How did life happen so fast, and so fucked up?’ Unmanifested love is unrequited love for even the self, not to mention chasing the ‘dream’ of falling in love and happiness for ever and ever’. A perpetually replenishing cache of love comes at birth and grows as it’s nurtured by the parent into the self and transcending into sharing with another (s). Love takes no effort as it is naturally there like breathing the air only self imposed barriers in the mind, no matter what the cause, obstruct its ‘free flowing’. Escape from one’s own ‘mental ward’ begins with accepting that you’ve become accustomed to it and oblivious to doing anything about it. Becoming attached to anything, even dreams of this or that, becomes an obstruction keeping one in the mental ward. Love is to let yourself be free with compassion for others at the same time. People in ‘real time love’, don’t cling to it, but encourage the other to be free if they feel it is their destiny. Having experienced just that, I can verify it’s truth, and not from others nice sounding words of imagination or plagiarism. Existence takes care of all nature, and that includes you. Just stay aware and trust existence, that will trigger response coupled with miracles that nurture your acceptance. Three gray-haired mothers — Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Cornfield, and Mrs. Cohen — were sitting in an upstate New York Catskill hotel bragging about their children. “My son is a doctor,” said Mrs. Fletcher, “and he’s an internist, a surgeon and a specialist. He makes so much money, he owns an apartment building on Park Avenue in New York.” “That’s nice,” said Mrs. Cornfield. “My son is a lawyer. He handles divorces, accidents, tax cases, insurance. He is so successful, he owns two apartment buildings on Fifth Avenue.” “Ladies,” announced Mrs. Cohen, “you should both be proud to have such successful sons. My boy, I have to tell you the truth, is a homosexual.” “That’s a shame,” said Mrs. Cornfield. “And what does he do for a living?” “Nothing,” said Mrs.Cohen. “He has two friends: one is a doctor who owns an apartment building on Park Avenue, and the other is a lawyer who owns two apartment buildings.” Existence takes care! Arhata

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