Love With a Bastard

Love with a Bastard(picture means imagine just love}


October 9, 2010
Peanut butter and mayonnaise don’t go together, and neither do sincere and insincere people, or loving and frazzled, negative people. One of the hardest things to learn for some (I include myself, mostly in past years) is when to extricate oneself from ‘negative people’. First, you have to honestly access yourself as to whether you consistently are positive, then use discernment for getting close to others who fluctuate between positive and negative.

Negative types come in all degrees usually like the changing weather, one day sunny with the next in thunderstorms. All people are ‘teachers’ of what we need to learn, when the lessons are over, it’s time to move on! All are opportunities for ‘self growth, but when the growth stops, it’s time to revaluate with demonstrable changes to move in an evolving direction.

Marriage is a breeding ground for disharmony that traps an exit to an easy escape, particularly without lasting ‘shrapnel damage. A marriage consistently based on harmony is a godly gift to one’s soul, but not exactly common. Being ‘happy’ alone, especially with authentic self love, is only surpassed by extraordinary harmonious relationships sometimes called marriages. One is the spiritual love path, the other has the potential of being the ‘alone path of meditation’. Both are used by only a tiny minority of the population.

Whenever someone close is a destructive, negative force, remove yourself from their presence as quickly as possible even verbally admitting that the combination doesn’t fit. Wasting precious time is absurd. Hoping against hope that in time they will change and everything will be ok, is living in self delusion.  It rarely happens. Life at this moment is rapidly changing old patterns of living. My intuition says that in the near future, more and more will live in small communities, be it room mates, cooperatives, communes, spiritual centers or by whatever name. The ego will always come with the territory, but must be ‘managed’ so that ‘one’ doesn’t negatively affect the rest. It’s been popularly called, ‘one rotten apple can spoil the rest’. From much experience, I can attest to the truth in that!

Once a relationship with another, or others, becomes grounded in positivity, a little ego can be the spice that keeps things interesting. Communication, agreements, honesty, flexibility, and sensible compassion are tools to make life more harmonious. Throw in self love accountability, and life can reach it’s pinnacles and contribute to a better world.

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