Dog Love/Woman Lust

Dog Love/Woman Lust


October 4, 2010
Dogs seemed to be worshipped in this country more than god, particularly by men who concurrently seem to idolatarize lust of another, especially human females. However, ‘dog worship’ does go both ways as the human condition isn’t willing to ‘retool’ that which prevents them from having deep loving feelings for each other. I particularly see females who seem to ‘lather’ over dogs licking their face. Would I enjoy being next in line? NO!!!

I live in a very conscious town (compared to nearly all others), where people move here ‘sometimes’ because of the sensible, compassionate treatment of animals, as well as, each other in the community. Deer (no antelope – elk in the next town) roam anywhere they want to for their life time while vehicles compassionately stop, admire, and give them the right of way. As pets, dogs and cats are probably given more attention than humans, however some of that is good. No dog or cat is ever killed at the local animal shelter, and all are ‘involuntarily fixed’, which is good for the general welfare, and control of the population of the pets. This practice does make it better for the quality of the general population of the animals lives, (I’m not even going to suggest that the same methods be considered for humans – don’t need the argument… but…!).

With all the distractions in the western world to amuse us, cats and dogs seem to get most of the emotion, while partners get ‘buy you something attention’ mostly, particularly for female partners. Love energy is mostly left for ‘responsibilities’, making money, encouraging ‘dumbing down devices’ for the family, viewing entertainments like sports, and little time for ‘innertainment’. The ‘lost art of love’ (there never has been one found among the masses) is becoming more and more mysterious. Love is in the air, but who is taking the time to see it?

Charles Darwin postulated that man evolved through the species. Christians say ‘all was created in 6 days’. Darwin was talking of the skeletal development of humans. Both are missing the point that mystics have known for centuries. Humans are born as a ‘seed’ with the imprinting of physical characteristics that grow into typical human varied forms. However, overlooked, has been the seed within of spiritual evolvement. What Darwin and Christians haven’t paid attention to is that humans have the capacity through love, self awareness, imagination, and so forth to evolve spiritually into giants over the common masses who seem to be reducing or sidetracking that evolution into worship of their pets, and what money can buy.  Call it false idolatry focus! However, the ‘beginning of the rest of everyone’s life hasn’t started …not just yet, and the process can be refocused to love of self first, and more common sense compassion for others!

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