Anal’s & Piggies

Anal’s & Piggies


October 7, 2010
What shows up on the outside is frequently what’s on the inside. Two polarities of people to avoid for any substantial love experience: the anal perfectionist and the ‘piggy slob’. These two extremes are more common than need be for the happiness of human kind. Rarely have I seen the ‘neat freak’ or the ‘pig slob’ able to activate any sustaining form of love.

My experience with either has been ‘uncomfortable’. Between the ‘pig’ and the ‘anal’ is what Buddha called the ‘middle way’. Love comes best from those following the ‘middle way’ of neither too little, or too much of anything. The ‘pig’ shows up perhaps at the table, in the kitchen, in the ‘pig slob’ bedroom (or other areas), the back seat of cars loaded with ‘junk’, in their demeanor, etc. In any case, it’s from within, and unresolved issues mostly from childhood.

The ‘anal’ is far less common, but a ‘pain in the ass’ on the other end of the spectrum.  The ‘obsessive compulsive’ have a disorder that also follows one into the ‘love bed’ with unfulfilling results. Moving to the middle can begin simultaneously in the inner as well as the ‘outer’. Change the outer and the inner begins being affected. Change the inner and the outer begins to represent the inner. ‘Extremes’ are indicative of aberrations that affect the harmony of all relationships.

See ‘negative/belief programming’ that is attached, like a demon, as affecting all actions, responses, and karma that continues unless catharted, and with a replacement of positive action. Become more aware and see yourself like in a clear mirror, only being reflected from people who walk in positive consciousness, not the ‘every which way confused people mirror’ that exists to control mass unconsciousness.

Bottom line is, you were created perhaps for no reason, but there are reasons once one
develops into an adult that allow each person to create and uncreate anything possible! Excuses are for ‘nincompoops’ who often are other ‘anal or piggy’, or near enough to be under consideration for that state of unconscious laziness. Life is a ‘ladder of steps to greater consciousness’ – they are a choice to take the one to the dark cellar that houses rats, bats and their crap and dead or, upward and onward! Right use of effort and awareness is ‘godliness’. Try the ‘middle way’!

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