Technological Love Gap

Technological Love Gap


October 3, 2010
Has technology gotten in the way of knowing real love, or is this a ridiculous question with an obvious answer, that is largely ignored by all but the ‘aware’? Love is life’s most delicate, precious, ‘life quality’, sustaining gift, free to all with an open heart. Life at this moment is a ‘plethora’ of fantastic options that never existed a few short years ago, and all from technological breakthroughs. But…

A ‘knife’ has many useful possibilities, but can be dangerous. Likewise, misuse of ‘technology’ can obliterate it’s value for the undiscerning user. A ‘takeover of the mind’ by anything is to leave the heart wanting attention for it’s vacuous, unused state that often results while the mind chases it’s ‘delights’. It’s not just legal and illegal drugs that deaden the mind, but the toys, be it even the computer and internet, that lead one into a ‘looping of activities’ that endlessly ‘while away knowing the life within’. Soon ‘karma’ manifests in the form of all colors of depression, fear, and ill health.

As technological developments spiral in unprecedented use for everyone, the development of the ‘collective mind and heart’ lingers with at least one foot in the past.
The ‘past’ can be 10 years or 1000’s of years as inventions, and their use are coming faster than humans can handle. Those few who keep up with new developments likely fall behind in their own human development along with the masses who just ‘tread water’ thinking all is well while burying their heads in the sand.

Learning how to breath for greater awareness and love within, is called ‘meditation’. Meditation does not need any of the new technology, and neither does love. As obsessions with the ‘outside’, in what ever form that is, becomes more and more a ‘filler of life’s time’, love and it’s stimulus’s sink to obscurity. They frequently are sadly ‘fixed’ by covering them with more of the ‘outside distractions’. The ‘outside distractions’ have become a ‘pill’ for whatever needs our intimate attention on the inside, and is ignored. Are people becoming ‘outsiders’, or clones of programming, and brainwashing for ‘instant gratification’?

Have we reached the point where when the buttons of the ego are pushed for non awareness of common sense as well as introspection, we, at the same time, push another button (distraction) to sidestep reality. The world is not a fantasy, but far more beyond for those living in their hearts with awareness that nurtures inner growth to see the wonderful mysteries that can only be seen through old fashion ‘self evolvement’. Consciousness comes from within, where the seeds of love await nurturing attention.

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