No Book of Love?!

No Book of Love?!


September 28, 2010
What would you do if you had to choose between your favorite ‘holy book’, and the feel of everlasting love? Which would you choose, and is it a choice?

Are you beholden to ‘religious salesmen’ who call themselves some form of ‘preacher, Imam, bishop, saint or whatever? Are you free enough to live beyond what the dead have said, no matter who says it’s ‘the word of god’? All religious teachers do is preach about subjects that they don’t really know from clear experience, like parrots of ‘boiler plate out-of-date-for-meaning’ words.

These ‘salesmen’ (snake oil salesmen?) depend upon your ignorance and fear of the unknown, and they ask you to believe because there is no way to bring those experiences into objective reality. They are ‘believers’ passing on ‘beliefs’ without really knowing. Only the courageous and daring step out from behind the shadows of duplicity and deception.

Become a ‘divine alchemist’ and be involved in a metamorphosis, transformation beyond what the unquestioning mind does absorb. Open up the loving heart, and accept, in awareness, what comes. Stop clinging to others words, and be free of all judging or what’s right, wrong, true or not. The ‘doors of insight’ open suddenly and answers come. ‘Belief transfer’ is not the divine alchemy of change into authentic knowing.

There is no method, no meditation for Chuang Tzu. He says: Simply understand the ‘facticity’ of it. You are born. What effort have you made to be born?
You grow. What effort have you made to grow?
You breathe. What effort have you made to breathe?

Everything moves on its own, so why bother? Let life flow on its own, then you will be in a let go. Don’t struggle and don’t try to move upstream.
Don’t even try to swim, just float with the current, and let the current lead you wherever it leads. Be a white cloud moving in the sky — no goal, going nowhere, just floating. That floating is the ultimate flowering.

Each veil removed, reveals another mystery to enjoy and lead to the next veil to be uplifted for the next gift of life. Spiritual time traveling is a mysterious place within where there is no time, just now and here!

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