Outsourcing Love

Outsourcing Love


October 1, 2010
Letting someone else do it at a cheaper, less costly price seems to be the way of manufacturers choice in America the last few years. Outsourcing is popularly known as a means to do this in a foreign country. Letting a loved one do whatever they desire is in a sense ‘outsourcing’ whatever that may be to another.

Love should always have the opportunity to be outsourced. Giving with no expectations always has a return however invisible it might be. The way of the world is ‘coupling of energies’ for whatever time length it may continue. Love between two may reach a juncture where a decision is reached to what amounts to finding love alone, or with someone else. Sending love to a beloved who parts, is an outsourcing to heal pains, or a deepening of love that transforms into another manifestation.

When you live intensely with whatever comes, be it coming or going, it’s an opportunity to let it happen, find some positive in it, and always be letting go. Life is in a flux, change is inevitable, and one needs to go with the flow, and take the highest path to a new dimension. Life is in polarities going from hot to cold, worse and better. Without the polarities there would be no life. Let it be a meditation when whatever happens, accept it, and find a way to incorporate it into an experience that leads to some positive outcome.

Give thankfulness to existence, and remain in an open heart for the ‘non expecting’ return of an answer. Give out your love to another be it a mother, father, sibling, friend, stranger, or a former ‘dear heart’. Allow them to feel nothing but love from you where ever they are. As you love others, you will find it helpful in loving yourself more. Love belongs to no one, but responds to the open heart. Allow the opportunity for them to receive love from another who may be in a circumstantial position to give more.

Existence is ‘outsourcing love’ to you regardless if you catch it or not. The heart is the ‘catcher’. The mind is the obstacle. Go to the open heart for ‘insourcing love’, outsourcing it to others, and being available to catch others outsourcing that’s coming to you. No need to look for the implications, love within soothes them all! Arhata

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