Religion Kills Love Making

Religion Kills Love Making

Hidden Knowledge by HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE
September 20, 2010
Some people in the world are fortunate to have been, or do make love with a partner. Sometimes it’s just consensual sex, hopefully for the gratification of both. In a minority of cases, there is a deep connected, compassionate exchange of ‘soul energy’ that transcends all, even prayer, and all thoughts. Sex moving into the divine becomes ‘making a deepening of love’ as well as a surreal appreciation of the other and life. It is known as ‘tantra’, and moving into the blisses and joys within the silence of existence.

Mystics refer to this as ‘nirvana’, however there are no mystics on record from the past who seem to have experienced this phenomenon except through meditation. This has primarily been due to cultural limitations that have discouraged the mating of two souls to a higher realm of existence. Culture combined with religion, and it’s fear based male dictums, have all but made sex into primarily a selfish sexual release, and reproductive process much like all forms of animals who need it for the survival of their species. This leaves no capacity to see the possibilities of the energy that love making can make to raise consciousness to a godly experience that reaches a point of mysticism as love making becomes the most powerful form of meditation.

Billions of people are stuck with just the ‘biological use of sex’ with little capacity to empty the mind of negative experiences and programming from the cultural/religion environments that follow one to the bedroom. Existence is interested in reproducing itself for survival not providing conscious love and sex, which for humans is a choice of evolvement.  Taking Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Moses, or any icon to the bed is to apply the breaks to an otherwise divine, healthy experience. ‘Idolatry’ is certainly bringing these ancients worshipped anywhere that consensual love might be consummated.

Of course, there is no historical record of these giants of ‘better living’ having had any experience in matters of sensual love. The same applies to the recent past and current ‘salesmen of all religions’. Truth be told, from my experience, deep love making frees one completely of the attachment to ALL religious doctrine. The incomplete ‘love making experience’ just perpetuates whatever makes it incomplete regardless of the ‘reduced’ amount of joy still experienced. The answer is to ‘let go completely’, and find love making, or various forms of meditation as a release button to the past attached to negatives of life. Kick out all religion for the heart to enjoy love making to the fullest!

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