Women Must Surrender

Women Must Surrender
Surrender to Love (Popular Library 688) 1955 AUTHOR:  Charles Boswell; Lewis Thompson ARTIST: (unknown) by Hang Fire Books

September 18, 2010
A woman must use keen awareness and discernment in who to share love with! Most, both males and females, are in the ‘infant stages’ of experiencing any form of eternal love. Born today or 1000 years ago has very little difference as genetics and early childhood love, or it’s ‘incompleteness’, play a significant factor. Early childhood love is usually missing key ingredients that have been passed down for thousands of years. The ‘Good News’ is that the unwanted obstacles can be pushed out and new, fresh loving energy can come in – it’s all your choice!

Actually, surrender happens of it’s own accord, and it’s to ‘love’ not just a person, but oneself. The journey may begin with submitting to a partner, and with a total let go of all obstacles, such as fears, and the surrender is likely to happen. The other is just the vehicle of resonance. It’s really ‘you’ in a surrender to love. It can happen with anyone if you are ready (even a tree), but great caution is suggested in the picking of who, or one will be left alone with a stubborn often irascible partner.

Not being able to surrender has nothing to do with the other person, but one’s own attachment to infantile notions. Being in a position of surrender takes courage where fears are non existent. If one can’t surrender to someone who’s in a surrender, the situation to surrender to anyone is likely futile. Be willing to surrender to one who is in consciousness and surrender, having nothing to do with ‘coupling’. Fear of coupling when it’s not even a possibility is indicative of a tenseness and fear of closeness.

Meeting a situation that needs only trust to let go is to not look a ‘gift horse in the mouth’. The face of love with consciousness, and no expectations, is a divine invitation to release, let go and trust into the unfathomable space of letting love’s energy take over. One in that ‘divine space’ wants only those who can submit to it, to be in their energy field. A love communing of many who open their hearts can happen, but it begins with you being in a surrender, male or female.

When love disappears, and it becomes like breathing, you have arrived. All further life comes from inner love.  Time to stop ‘screening out love’ and open the floodgates of the heart.

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