Escape from Insanity

Escape from Insanity
January 18th, 2010 - 18/365 by ryan kitching
September 14, 2010
Tired of ‘jay walking on a tight rope’ through life? Word is that there is no heaven or hell except where we find ourselves. To a significant measure, we create our own ‘heaven and hell’. It sometimes takes a little Sherlock Holmes persistent detective work to grovel through the quagmire of thoughts, impressions, and emotions that we don’t need but for an excuse to feel sorry for ourselves.

There are many internal tools to escape from the treacheries within, or to throw them out and invite in new programming. Yesterday, My friend Cain assisted me in transferring the many good things I had written from my old computer to my new ‘I Mac’ by the use of an umbilical cord connecting both computers. With a little instruction the process happened magically, naturally, and viola!

Each of us has an ‘umbilical cord’ to the hidden gifts of the universe to delete the attachments and identifications to that which obstructs finding out ‘who we are’ as well as the beauty of that discovery. The answers are, and never will be written except for a direction map to find life’s secret answers of inner peace. However, reading a map in the dark, especially with no light, is a guide-less quirky path for insanity.

Today, all the old religions are desperately seeking to proselytize their answers from  cultures that disappeared centuries and millenniums ago. Unfortunately, new words, or new meaning to old ones, have evolved making interpretation of ancient messages very much like a ‘drunk trying to walk on a tight rope’ never reaching the acumen to create a life of balance. The question arises, ‘is no map better or a map that millions say is the direction but certainly evidence of ones who can detach from their maps with words and actions that represent what was written? The spiritual search for the ‘truth within’ begins when one detaches from answering that question, and moves in the light of awareness and love with a compassion for all.

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