Burn Bibles Day!

‘Spiritual shock writing’ – interpret positively!
Burn Bibles Day!

Rejected: They Are All On Fire by Tim Lemire1

September 7, 2010
There should be a national holiday for book burning, particularly ‘romance pocket books’ , and ancient ‘holy books’. Neither is necessary for the person who makes their life a conscious experiential path for truth! Seems that a pastor in Florida fueled the whole idea announcing a day for the burning of the Islam holy book, the Quran. Many Muslims worldwide are up in arms. I’ve heard that ‘bibles’ are burned in Islamic countries on a regular basis.

Fundamentalists of romance or religion surely have lovely people among them, but knuckleheads can be lovely folks, even though… What to do?! Hurt the books but not any living thing other than immature feelings. However, some can’t control their emotions, and can hopefully find reasons to be a rational censor for making a discernment on all free expression as to how, what, where, and when. Pushing the ‘envelope’ on free expression is necessary to create a more open, tolerant, and accepting world.

Burning ‘holy books’ is a passing fancy that heralds in a new awakening about the facts and truth beyond ancient beliefs that are hard wired into the insecure and troubled who haven’t taken the time to seek truths outside of books. Imagine if we only used books over centuries old as instruction to all behaviors? Are the ‘gardening books of 12th century better than the scientific evidence of the current ones? Consider all activities from cooking, medicine, weather, animal husbandry, and technology for everything!
Quite absurd, and yet all those are of the mind that is controlled by holy books! Have we relegated the mind and spirit to another level? Is it because of fear? Or, is it because the ‘religious salesmen’ keep pushing the ‘pill of belief’?

Jesus thumpers don’t want to even hear the scientific evidence that both he, and the biblical characters, are merely illusional figures to make points for earlier man. The words of Islam are basically largely borrowed from the old and new testament of the Jews and Christians. It’s a bit of a stretch, with some truth, that Islam is really a Zionist plot! The three religions are extremely intertwined and interdependent. Buddha didn’t need any of them to become enlightened. Do you really!??? (By the way, I’ll give you the answer! ….Yes or maybe or… if you can’t think for yourself! Seek and become a ‘Finder’, it’s unwritten and doesn’t need burning! Try love within for a starter!

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