Beware of False Love

Beware of False Love
False_Love by mNnU2908
September 7, 2010
Love plays tricks on the vulnerable.  Love frequently has a disappearing act that often shows up where it soon appears to retreat into some abyss. Beginning love is innocent until fear and ignorance slip unnoticed from what has been experienced as a party of joy and bliss. Love falls when the mind and accumulated ‘karma’ from the pasts experiences that created fears and guilt raises it’s ugly head. Love, sadly, is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ that hides what’s below and will come up.

Beware of roses and incense for both fade away. Love is not just what gardeners call ‘annual’ but perennial but like the evergreen trees that are always growing. The sweet doesn’t necessarily have lasting power but clings to memories while having fallen to what came before love’s encounter. I’m reminded of a friend’s story of a close confidant that was swept off her feet while very needy by a ‘prince who converted to a frog’ as he later began doing the modern popular ‘porno watching mantra’ on his computer leading to a marriage of only fading memories of what was.

With all the movies and advertisements of eternal romance, people are caught in the web of illusion that life opens up a whole new beautiful ‘forever’ heavenly love. For all but the few, it doesn’t, and for those that find love and compassion within while exercising communication, empathy, and general growing sensitivities, it might very well. Love that turns to ‘just functional love’ for getting by and satisfying biological/survival needs, at best, is the norm. Superficial love has its karma as it is always roommates with various forms of hatred and enduring pain.

Love is not a halfway affair but a total source of opening to a new world of viewing and experiencing all reality in the highest way possible through even difficult challenges. Live without intentions or expectations for unnecessary frustrations will come out of the shadows. Love has no obligations to you. Living with a deep reverence for life, miraculously you will find that every thing you dreamt of will be fulfilled and more. The moon is reflected in the lake – the lake never asked for it and the moon never intended it. Existence goes on spontaneously. It’s not necessary to bring your desires, ambitions, and expectations in your mind to create what become disturbances. Find the quiet relaxation within you and with awareness coupled with discernment, life will create miracles.

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