Rooster Rule

Rooster Rule
rooster by pbloco

August 27, 2010
If you’re a light sleeper, the crow of the rooster at 3 am is an uninvited wake up call. Roosters rule the ‘roost’! Cats think they have permission to act like ‘favored by god’ and largely ignore advise. Roosters (and certain men) think that god has incarnated into them! A rooster has a ‘top of the roost’ ego until the fox gets in the pen, and ‘viola’! All cultures were rule by ‘roosters’ over the feminine and the masses of disadvantaged. today, it’s disappearing in the western world with strong shadows of yesteryear lingering.

In the middle east, in particular, men have been eternally misogynistic, or women abusers and haters. Cultures (even whole countries or religions) around the world still regard women as ‘chattel’. Even in more advanced cultures, there are micro cultures of these so called ‘roosters’ who control through methods amounting to ‘selfish treason’ against the liberties of others.

Roosters are ‘pure ego’ that unchallenged feed on their own self glorification. Because of this ‘false dominance’ they become deluded into really believing the are the ‘cock of the walk’ that sooner or later meets with their ‘head on the chopping block’ of life. The greatest golfer ever (Tiger Woods) this week met the chopping block in a divorce from his beautiful naive Swedish wife who since late last year suffered the humiliation of his ‘infidelity exposures’. Tiger got too full of himself in transcending compassion for the one he proclaimed love for. On the other hand, a beautiful wife as his, could very well have lived on her beauty as a ‘rooster’ thinking that ‘fairy tale lives’ don’t need total communication!

The ‘ego’ is a mask from reality. Societies, cultures, religions, or individuals prance their ‘gobbledegook’ of self importance as the ‘fiddler on the roof’ forgetting the compassion for others. All things are changing rapidly at this juncture in time of technological and information explosions. Crawling and walking in tune with yesteryears myopic thinking will not serve the advancement of consciousness and a more aware and loving world or personal experience. Take time to focus on awareness of both the inner and outer. Be a ‘self plumber’ for leaks in the heart that want to be filled with love. The mind is a ‘rooster crowing’ without the heart of sensitivity.

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