Idiotological & Forgiveness

Idiotological & Forgiveness

Redneck City? by The_Moores

August 16, 2010
“Idiotological’ is way of life where common sense and love are redefined to mean whatever suits the moment with major concerns for what will benefit oneself. The ‘politics of everyday living’ are given merit to support a way of living that follows what one has learned from childhood and the general culture around. The repetitive set of values are reinforced by seeking agreement among like minded individuals. All behaviors are seen by those in this category as pleasurable and acceptable not needing to be changed.

Implicit in this way of life is to take the middle way. The middle way, unconsciously, is to seek that style between what is seen as the polarity of the two extremes. One extreme avoided is being intentionally hurtful of others who don’t deserve it as well as avoiding acts which lead to a more evolved life that seems to take too much effort. Taking the easy way hopefully is the middle way for this type of human. Things seem ‘reasonable’ as they are for these people.

The ‘idiotological person’ sees this as a time in life to take advantage of the infinite opportunities of enjoyment including various medicants or beliefs that keep him feeling high. Avoiding having to think of past and future memories that conflict with the moment are vital areas to stay clear of! This person looks to fashion a life either based on worshipping a ‘belief system already laid out’ or creating one by the ‘seat of pants’ that he looks at as a step above ‘praying and do gooding’ so as not too avoid the ‘fruits of the times’.

Those who are in judgment of this type of living need to understand that it’s ‘freedom of choice’ as well having reasons behind the choice which may need understanding and compassion by others. ‘Forgiveness’ is an important concept here. Forgiveness means that you simply accept the person as they are and love the way they are. Forgiveness means that you don’t judge them and be judgmental. Thinking the ‘old way’ is that forgiveness means that the other has done wrong. That’s judging, and then forgiving so the ‘forgiveness’ was false! No question of forgiving arises. No accusing, grudge holding or complaining. Let go and deal in the most positive, compassionate way possible and appropriate.

We all ‘act out’ on different levels of awareness. The levels are not vertical but just levels of awareness. The planet is a ‘planet of idiots’ – some just are more conscious of that state!

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