W of M Love Destruction

W or M Love Destruction

Bushs Best Moment A Big Catch by firoze shakir photographerno1

August 4, 2010
WMD, or the phrase coined by ex President Bush for preemptive reasons to attack the sovereign nation of Iraq after the attack on the World Trade Centers is applicable to the phenomenon of ‘love’. Love’s attackers are all fear based with essentially no basis for infiltrating love. A ‘preemptive attack’ or dissolvement of all diseases to love is to nourish love to it’s full growth.

What creates this fear, and all of it’s tentacles such as jealousy, anger, hatred, lying, self loathing, etc.,? The ego! The ego is the false self and the creator of the weapons of mass love destruction. The ego is a necessity, but can be negative or positive. The negative spawns the many fears that become like a poison to love’s growth. The ‘positive’ ego is necessary to function in the world. The ego is a social need that is not you but a reflection with the interaction to society or others. It is an adaptation to others in order to relate as a functioning, acceptable being.

The ‘real’ can only be known through the false, hence the necessity of the ego. One has to pass through the illusion to know the truth directly. You first have to know what is not true, or untruth. In that experience you have the choice to know the truth. Seeing false as false, will open the awareness to the truth. Dropping the false or the ego, the obstacles to love begin dissolving, and love begins to grow within.

‘Love with awareness’ reveals the truth that you are not the physical self but consciousness, and not as the body, subject to aging, harm, illness, and death. Destroy the ego that blocks getting to the love within. Pay attention to when the false self arises while moving into the heart, the real self slowly emerges. Close your eyes, feel and focus on the heart that fills the soul with love’s energy. Stay in the moment detaching from the past and the ‘attached to expectations’ of the future. The past needs the open heart to reinterpret any pains of the past. The ‘strings of the heart’ bring harmony to the moment!

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