Love Between the Armpits

Love Between the Armpits
Love & Peace Award by Sérgio Savaman Savarese
Aug. 3, 2010
Between the two armpits is the center of peace, calm, and love. The body has many centers from biological, gut or intuition, creative, higher consciousness, and so forth. Become aware of the need for the harmony of balance between them so as not to be ‘unbalanced’, and the cause of self misery. Skewed use of one or two with little attention to the others is likely to create a frequent self disturbance.

Love creates happiness, and misery fluctuating. Love must become independent and not dependent on the other where a co-dependency arises, especially when a peaceful love is not in the other or in you and the other. A different kind of love can arise within the peaceful, loving heart that moves in a giving way to others. Relaxation opens up a peace and love that comes from the heart to all areas of the body emanating love out to the world.

Anguish and anxiety come with dependent love that needs the other to enter into your experiences creating an endless fluctuation. Only in the rare combination of two imbued with an inner relaxation of peace and love does love always come up to the surface as it is an endless source of energy easily activated within.  They are always there in infinite supply but for resistances that are left undissolved, usually by unconscious choices of being unaware.

Close your eyes and feel the area between your two armpits in the middle of the chest where the heart is. Bring a total attention and awareness to the heart while experiencing only that area excluding the rest of the body. Feel it filled with love and peace energy. No need to search for love, it’s within the peace in a relaxed heart not dependent on another. Finding love without the inner peace both within the self, and another, is a dangerous path that gives glimpses of love cohabiting with dark valleys of conflict, hurt,  and anger. Seek the inner peace, find it, and love will blossom. Sharing with another having the same blessing, and love blossoms to a more ecstatic beauty radiating within endlessly.


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