Fear, Anger, & Forgiving

Fear, Anger, & Forgiving

Forgive me [For I have Sinned.] - Lindsay Lohan by Jay.Feria?.
August 2, 2010
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Love inside triumphs over the mind that hates in it’s many forms over negative feelings. Negative feelings toward someone needs love and common sense to set situations to the most positive framework possible. It’s possible to be both ‘framed’ in a negative way, or positive, as well as framing all situations in the best way to avoid ‘negative attachment shrapnel’.

To detach from  all that causes pain, and feelings of negative emotions, one must make a choice.  That method and sense of choice is largely determined by the ability developed to have compassion and empathy. ‘Love of self on the surface’ means the mind and it’s fragility is leading reactions. ‘Response’ as against ‘reaction’ comes from the open heart, and wisdom accumulated in life’s experiences. Fears reaction of anger or hate is symptomatic of qualities not nurtured and developed.

All manifestations of fear that have no practical meaning, such as being alert in dangerous situations for survival, are from a life that has not embraced a deep personal love of self. Awareness and owning of who one really is, with all one’s emotions and viewpoints, is to have created an automatic response garnered from a higher consciousness. ‘Street reactions’, which are common to those not paying attention to life’s sensitivities, are filled with bad judgments which typically are not self analyzed for understanding, and improvement for the future. ‘Street shoot from the hip of unawareness reactions’ are unblessed with a ‘boomerang effect’ to come around for unexpected pain causing deeper buried fears.

Those who have proclaimed love of another, especially a ‘love partner’ need to treat them as they would like to be treated under all circumstances including endings or transitions. Failure to do so is a failure to see the love within the self.
Authentic love never stops manifesting to corroborate it’s authenticity of deep meaning. Love gives and sends love to the other always and without conditions. If you find yourself in a hole … stop digging and climb out! Get out of your own way!

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