Emotional Wisdom

Emotional Wisdom
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July 22, 2010
Man is still an ‘emotional neanderthal’ inspite of millions having much greater intellectual education. Trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip is not unlike getting people to open their emotional heart. Current life is set up to reward intellectual achievement while virtually ignoring emotional or spiritual development. A ‘degree of the intellect’ pays much more than non existent ‘degrees’ of ‘inner developments’.

Had a friend of 30 years die last year still hoarding his money and investments while cursing the costs of medical care weeks before his nearly certain death. My thought as he complained, took all my control to not say, “why complain as all your money will disappear shortly anyway – the riches you take are only in the love inside you (which was bankrupt)’’! John lived his life serving himself and counting his money.  All emotions were squelched for what served his intellectual pursuits of desires. Emotions were saved for monetary excitements and disappointments, coupled with biological needy expressions.

Most of humanity lives in the agony of ego and self preservation while suppressing inner spiritual and emotional needs. The ‘modern world’ glorifies intellect with its pursuit of achievements, power, and money. Man historically has denigrated the female to the status of chattel to serve his wants and desires as a source for raising children while providing meals and a home for his comforts. Neither needs to fully express emotions or communicate as they play out their roles. Females have been cloistered from information of the world so they are intellectually and emotionally dumbed down. As women have evolved in their freedoms, their intellectual freedoms have soared with money making opportunities. Still the emotional aspects of both men and women are suppressed while serving the master of intellectual wants.

Fear comes largely as a result of being too much in the mind, and not balanced with the ‘clear emotional being’. Fear drives one into more use of the ‘intellectual tools’ that often cause decisions to be made that are not compassionate, loving, or with the common sense use of empathy. There are many techniques to cathart attachments to emotional blocks, and allow the self to let go of fears of closeness to love’s emotions. The emotional and spiritual side of mankind must be evolving for real self growth individually and collectively. There are many meditations to become friends with to create a greater awareness and love within.

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