Til Death Do Us Part???

Til Death Do Us Part???

Endings and Beginnings by Boyd Miller.

July 23, 2010
Marriage is a road to enlightenment. To ‘tie the knot’ in proclaiming unconditional everlasting love makes sense when people have complete understanding and unshakable intent on loving the other as themselves. Marriage, of course should not be between two people who don’t love themselves unconditionally. Imagine if truth were spoken at vows? “I John do not love myself, but I love you unconditionally ‘til death do us part”! Then the other says the same thing! Strange?!

I know of two people who are dysfunctional alcoholics pledging love for each other. No couple with not either each coming with strong self love, or the evidential commitment to both evolving, can expect anything but a dysfunctional marriage. Should people even bother with a dysfunctional partnership or marriage? Should prospective couples in marriage, that is basically also an agreement with the government for a license, be able to not pass a test to see if they have full understanding of common sense guidelines of responsible love?

Biological love dies on the vine if not risen throughout the being to become as honored as loving the self as much as seemingly possible. The ‘biological love’ is for fun, reproduction, or a doorway to the infinite mysteries of ‘divine love’ which always cares for the other as if oneself. The other must be seen as a representative of god or godliness and no less. Commitment to inner growth and care of each other with open communication is staying on ‘love’s pathway’.

Common sense of ‘loving thy neighbor as thy self’ also applies to whom one has slept with and committed to. There seems to be a universal misunderstanding of the depth of the meaning of love. Today the word ‘friend’ seems to be anyone you click on ‘Facebook networking’. The word ‘love’ seems also to have fallen in value. Endings and proper sensitivity for them, and the welfare of the other is a critical part of love. Therein, ‘til death do us part’ is necessary with common sense, and compassionate expression from the heart, both in dysfunctional partnerships, and of course loving ones. Real love circumvents Karma while the lack of it doesn’t! Hmmm….


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