Hell Loves Hell

Hell Loves Hell
I hope it isn't too late  by  letslookupandsmile
July 13, 2010
Hell cannot easily see beyond itself! Hell usually comes by invitation only and stays past it’s welcoming to end up making some semblance of a home away from the glare of the light. It’s been said, ‘each creates their own hell’. I might add to that, ‘and looks unconsciously to partner up with it’s likeness.’  Misery loves company and love loves to stay away from that kind of company.

Easy is right unless one is unconscious and takes a path you hasn’t earned through ‘right living’. Being perceptive one can sense the uneasy route. Every path is a choice into the light of consciousness, or down the rocky road of obstacles that can be never ending ‘til the end of the road where there is no energy to seek the high roads of life.

Sensing uneasiness, one can assume something is wrong. If you are stressed or tense, it means you are leading an ‘uneasy life’. If you cannot sleep, cannot relax, and cannot let go, it means you are leading an uneasy life chasing the too difficult and the impossible things. Be open to change your style of life if you are uneasy. Stop and begin right looking at what is happening to be peaceful. That then is the criterion or benchmark for the path to follow. People begin wrong early in their life and only look at the fading rewards to justify going deeper into the dark woods of an increasing hell.

I see couples who plunged into unknown waters in an unexamined ecstasy only to find they either can’t swim for long or they never really come up from the plunge. On some level ‘hell seems to attract the comforts of more hell’ as in partners or marriage. One doesn’t make use of the tools to extricate themselves or the other as they sink to a level that they claimed they would never be in like others.  The ‘ego’ is reluctant to acknowledge the descent, and ends up justifying it with all kinds of denials and excuses.

What is right for you may or may not be right for another. One has to ascend themselves to what works easily for them. Cautiously listen to the world as many want to impose their beliefs and unproven methods and laws on you. Those who are ‘right’, will simply be happy to help you to be easy, and what you feel is right for you. Be in awareness and centered to feel the easiness of paths chosen. Love loves love!


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