Escape from Chains

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Escape Artist - Ball & Chain by wanderingbert
July 7, 2010
Time to unlock the chains of the mind, heart, and routines that have shackled you to an endless ‘walking in place’ to nowhere. The ‘chains of the centuries’ are still imprisoning humanity inspite of incredible technological developments and access to incredible information to assist inner growth.

The chains are infinite: God, heaven, hell, christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, political, cultural, psychological, spiritual, and relationships – the list is endless! When I take a whack at any of them, anger comes up from those attached without an openness to examine the alternatives. They claim is that it is I who is hateful and angry when it is really the reverse. They are angry and have attempted to attack me not realizing that I’m just the messenger with no animosity whatsoever.

One of the most restricting chains to break loose of is the ‘chain of apathy’. Not caring or being concerned about self evolvement or making a difference in family, community, and the world at large is no longer an acceptable mode of behavior. Snoozing habitually on couches was a lazy habit of the last part of the 20th century that has faded into a wakeup time where you and the world needs participation not fraternization with apathy and a sloviness of sensitivity for everything of internal quality. The ‘wake up alarm clock’ is ringing.

Difficulties of breaking out of the doldrums of mindless routines are certainly challenges, but those challenges should be looked at as ‘friends’, though hidden, and not as enemies. Those contentious of new ideas and growth, even if they fade away or disappear, will unknowingly be at least lightly affected to reach a greater openness as the consciousness of the times slowly drowns the negatives of the past centuries. View life as a bed of fragrant roses with thorns that disappear in the light of a loving, positive perception beyond the cobwebs of perpetual negative redundancy. Let go of every belief and concept you’ve been taught and you might surprise yourself at the immense freedom to arrive at a space far beyond someone else’s words. Freedom begins inside!

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