Negative Tips!

Negative Tips!

19/52 National Motivation Day by LouiseKnight

July 1, 2010
It’s always a question of too much or too little! Negative grows on its own with little attention to the positive. Positive needs reinforcement until it reaches a point of being locked into the being, but even then a little touch up is always desirable. Look at life upside down as a victim, and negative flourishes. Frequent use of the negative is a type of contemptuousness of people and life in general. Attitude is like fertilizer for either the negative or positive.

Negative thinking and actions are a products of being too lazy to weed out and detach from negative experiences of the past going back to early childhood. They grow by staying attached to the mind of memory. Then transferring all negative experiences to others, especially in a union with another. Sadly, the negativity gets passed on to children as it likely has for generations going back to the beginning of the human experience. Stay at a distance from negative people. Positivity will help repel them too.

This ‘now’ is the best and possibly first time in life that billions have the possibility to rise in conscious energy into a new dimension of life. Getting caught up in anything that anchors one down into the negativity of the past millenniums is an unconscious suicide that happens like a slow, invisible poison. Focus on the positive likelihoods of the moment while never dwelling on the problems that perhaps only exist because of the energy given to them.

Want to change things? Change your viewpoint, void of negative assumptions and judgments, but without ignoring ‘negatives’ that have a purpose to arrive at more positive answers. The ‘sacred yes’ is a meditation to always say ‘yes’ without ignoring the negative. There is always an ‘affirmative’ answer to everything, even what is negative. Let anything that appears negative have an underlying positive. Positive energy is magical when relentlessly pursued. Be open to new possibilities beyond the negatives that litter the mind. Unless the negative has a functional purpose beyond all possibilities of a positive approach, always creatively seek positive answers! Crystallize the ‘Yes’, and always aim for the ‘high ground’! Love life and life will love you back!

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